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Rhymes of Childhood, by Edgar A. Guest

CD cover for Rhymes of Childhood, by Edgar A. Guest. Image of a young child sleeping with a small dog
Rhymes of Childhood, by Edgar A. Guest

115 poems, each less than 3 minutes long and written from the point of view of a child by a British American poet who was known for being inspiring and optimistic. Published 1924.

Rhymes of Childhood read by Grace Buchanan for LibriVox:
#93 When There’s Company For Tea
#94 The Good Little Boy
#95 The Finest Age

Read the entire book “Rhymes of Childhood” at Internet Archive.

Listen to the entire collection of poems at LibriVox.

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CD cover for Rhymes of Childhood by Edgar A. Guest, designed by TriciaG, illustration by Abbott Handerson Thayer, Public domain