Binocular Perception

Binocular PerceptionBinocular Perception

I looked out the window
at the apple tree

One eye on each side of the mullion
Each saw a different picture
though so close to each other

Then I thought:
If my 2 eyes are so close to each other
and see so differently
then how can any 2 people
who are much farther apart
look at anything
especially God
and see the same thing?

As I stand on one side of the apple tree
and tell you about where the apples and branches are
and what shapes and colors they are
And as you stand on another side of the tree
and tell me where the apples and branches are
and what shapes and colors they are

Let’s remember that we have 2 different views of the same thing
And we are both correct.

dedicated to Judith Henry
who inspired me to poeticize this revelation from decades ago
I hope you enjoy your celebrations today.


Image credits:
Binocular Perception, composed by Grace Buchanan.
Apfelbaum in Alberschwende, by Böhringer Friedrich (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons. Used under Creative Commons License  BY-SA 2.5.
New Windows 017, by Roger Mommaerts. Used under Creative Commons License BY-SA 2.0.

4 thoughts on “Binocular Perception

  1. Thank you ever dear Grace for this poem and the gift of your memories….i know we looked “out” many windows in our youth/full/ness and now those experiences of words and windows are more powerfull than ever….sometimes here in the Corners and canyons we will walk one trail in and think we are returning with assurance of ” coming “right” out”…..knowing that just one bush, one rock, viewed can alter on the return…streams disappear, clefts and caverns appear and shift….we see with our feet most of all.

    Many blessings for you and yours and thank you,

    Me and all the clans

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    1. Thank you ever-dear Judith for sharing your power and beauty and blessings as you share what you live. How true, and important to remember: that our perspectives are always changing during our journeys.


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