Strike Forward to Let Go

 learning by exploration.

 strike forward with optimistic expectations.
 do all that I can do.

person approaching a goal sign, but the path to get there is broken

 high achiever.
 model of kindness.

 reach further.
 dream bigger.


Do I really live by these goals? What do I actually do?

a calm ocean at night

I actually let go of all that I want and expect: I summon each desire and dread, gaze upon it, savor the hope that I tied to it, explore the contours, and let it go. I cry over the loss of each one until I feel empty: my hands, mind and soul seem bare.

Then I am floating, flat on my back on a calm ocean at night. When I open my “eyes,” all I see is the stars of infinity. When I look at the horizon, I see shadowy trees overhanging a distant beach, and darkness beyond that. I hear slip-slaps of the dlippling water. I relax on the rippling cushion of the water’s surface. My breath and the salt water keep me afloat. My heels settle down a little as I breathe in, and level out as I breathe out. I am here, now. I enjoy this time of peace, however long it lasts, in this timeless place. This place just is.

Eventually a wave comes along that energizes me and aligns me with opportunities. I ride the wave for as long as I can, usually exhausting it. It beaches me at a distant land, to explore and gather wants and expectations.

Some time later, the tide rolls in, and the ocean reclaims me.


“Goal” image courtesy of jscreationzs /
modified by Grace Buchanan.

“Ocean Night” image is a composite of “Under the Stars” by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes,
“Two Planet-hunters Snapped at La Silla” by European Southern Observatory / Alexandre Santerne, via Wikimedia Commons, and
“Untitled” by cuisy for
“Ocean Night” is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 by Grace Buchanan.

25 thoughts on “Strike Forward to Let Go

  1. I would very much appreciate your help, as described on Deconstructing Myths today.
    Also, I would like to know the political reasons for your decision.

    With respect, and in struggle,
    Claire O’Brien


        1. I just emailed you a draft of my comments to accompany my re-blog, for your review before I publish them.

          I am glad to strike forward with you, with optimistic expectations.


  2. Nice, actually your comments on my take made me understand that this is like a meditation. As it is very poetic I took it differently at first. I like the way you built the post, showing your desire first.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. “I hear slip-slaps of the dlippling water.” This line and the entire paragraph it’s in are just hauntingly beautiful. It’s true….I started to highlight and cut/paste all my favorite parts and i realized I would just be leaving your entire original post in the comment section. JUST WONDERFUL!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow that is wonderful, two parts and so different your wishes and then I don’t know not quite a poem, not quite a story, but like a meditative story beautifully written x I wasn’t brave enough to offer for the prompt this week .

    Liked by 1 person

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