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Anthem, Chapter One, Ayn Rand

Anthem Book Cover of first edition
Cover of the first edition of Anthem, by Ayn Rand

As I prepared to record this chapter, reading this book transported me back to when I was in college. I remembered the place on the library shelf where I found the Ayn Rand books. I sprawled on the clean thin-carpeted floor pondering the ideas in the quiet. The sun shone brightly through the glass wall at the end of the aisle, near where Ayn’s books lined up. Ayn inspired me to think about fairness, justice, and the roles of government and taxation.

Ayn Rand’s world of Socialism was very different from what I valued about my experience of Democratic Socialism. I had a strong community where everyone had a valued perspective and a vote on every matter. We shared a sense of Oneness. But this book is Chilling. This story sets me on edge: uniformity, dictatorship, regimentation…

I cherish the compassion, creativity, self expression… that my community fostered when I was growing up, and which I continue to foster in myself and others.

Anthem, Chapter One, read by Grace Buchanan.

Read the entire book at Project Gutenberg.
LIsten to all the work that I’ve done for LibriVox.
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Anthem Book Cover of first edition.
The original uploader was GrahamHardy at English Wikipedia.
Public domain

Chapter One of Anthem is the second track of the LibriVox Chapter One Collection 6 at Internet Archive.

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