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Winter Farewell

Winter Farewell

These are some of the earliest plants that grow when our snow clears

I am glad to see it go.
I am tired of moving snow.
When my truck will not start
And my fingers smart

I want to see plants grow

The sun reflects off of the snow and brightens the ground out in the open and under the trees
My back yard today


I love the quiet of winter
when the only animals out
are squirrels, and birds at feeders

I love the brightness of snow
that reflects the few hours of light
through clouds holding more of the same

I love the invigorating cold
for moving along on snowshoes
then cuddling by heat — human or otherwise

I love the smoothed ground revealing
otherwise invisible animal tracks,
clearings between trees in the forests
and contours of the ground

Even though you overstayed your welcome
I’ll look forward to seeing you again
in a few months

8 responses to “Winter Farewell”

  1. Living in Florida, I miss the stillness and beauty of winter but I can see why you’re ready to move on.

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    1. 🙂 I’ll be glad when the seasons change again during the blistering, sticky summer.


  2. I love the coziness of winter especially after taking the dog out in the frigid cold and coming back in to the warm cocoon-like feeling indoors. However, I am looking forward with great anticipation to the warmer, brighter days of spring with green trees, flowering blooms and the sounds of life.

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    1. Oh! Stephanae! I LIKE how you put that! Yes, the house is like a cocoon in the winter. What a nice image.


  3. Oh! I am so glad Stephanae is here after I referenced your Snowball post to her. Wow, Grace. This is just so wonderful. And I cannot believe your backyard. I do not mean to appear unappreciative of our weather – – but lately all I do is think of skin cancer and wrinkles and perspiration and see my beautiful family framed photos fading even with curtains and drapes drawn = = I YEARN to live in a snowy climate like the one in your photo. Seems I was born in Southern California and I’m meant to die here too. 😦

    The Sunshine Ingrate.

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    1. Thanks for spreading the word about my blog, Stephanie.

      I’m thinking of vitamin D and suntans and taking naps outside. We probably wear sunglasses as often as you, to protect our eyes from the reflection off of the snow.

      What makes you think that you’ll be stuck in Southern California forever?


  4. Grace,

    How incredibly kind of you to remember all the lovely things about Winter that most people don’t even want to think about until the sweltering peaks of Summer. This stanza was especially lovely:

    “I love the smoothed ground revealing
    otherwise invisible animal tracks,
    clearings between trees in the forests
    and contours of the ground”

    So true! Snow does reveal the invisible life around us that we so often don’t see. Yesterday it was sleeting where we are. Today felt like the first real day of Spring, not just a peek. I’m hopeful it’s heading your way soon. Thanks so much for sharing your poem with us! I really loved it!



    1. My dear partner in…, er, Liebster partner. I hope all is going smoothly for you during this “shut-down” time. (That was a cute “Out of Service sign you hung) You are incredibly kind to stop by in the midst of all that you have going on. Thank you for taking the time to enjoy this poem.

      I liked that stanza, too, so much that I couldn’t cut a line to keep in form with the rest, so I dropped it to the end so it could further deteriorate the limerick pattern. I was thinking about deer as one line came to mind. In the winter, we have deer “highways” across our back yard, but we have only seen deer there once in the 15 years that we’ve been here. Likewise, I have great fun looking around for mouse, turkey, raccoon, stray dog and cat, etc. tracks after a snowfall. Without the snow, we don’t realize who-all wanders by.

      We are enjoying our first week of Spring. Daytime temperatures above freezing all week 🙂

      Best wishes as you take care of your nest and then face your Liebster challenge 😉


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