Prepositional Pros(e)

a garden in my front yard

Thanks for starting to stop by. I’m looking forward to sitting back with you again. In the meantime, I’m probably:
getting up to go down to the garden,
gazing through the blinds to check on the weather,
looking past the last weed before I begin,
dabbling around through the morning hours,
out in the fresh air,
scrambling after weeds before they get out of hand,
searching under the overgrowth,
getting down to the topsoil,
weeding the back of the front yard,
digging around the square landscaping stones,
scoping out the right angle to tackle around  the circular flower bed,
liking to dislike biting bugs as I attract them with repellent,
brushing my hands off on my pants,
thinking of ways to include exclusive quotes about the proclivity toward prepositions in this deleted post that I saved: something that I wrote in the past before I got so smart about following leadership principles,
going inside to get outside of my head.

So far, I’m approaching the beginning of the summer season.
At dusk, how much I miss you dawns on me again.
I’m looking forward to getting back to you in the near future🙂
I’m starting to stop this preposterous regression into prepositional progression.
Feel free to pay me back with more prepositional pros(e) propositions.

Prepositions: words that express relationships of space and time

What does “prepositional pros(e)” mean to you?

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