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Rhymes of Childhood, by Edgar A. Guest

CD cover for Rhymes of Childhood, by Edgar A. Guest. Image of a young child sleeping with a small dog
Rhymes of Childhood, by Edgar A. Guest

115 poems, each less than 3 minutes long and written from the point of view of a child by a British American poet who was known for being inspiring and optimistic. Published 1924.

Rhymes of Childhood read by Grace Buchanan for LibriVox:
#93 When There’s Company For Tea
#94 The Good Little Boy
#95 The Finest Age

Read the entire book “Rhymes of Childhood” at Internet Archive.

Listen to the entire collection of poems at LibriVox.

Listen to all the work that I’ve done for LibriVox.

This is a LibriVox recording. All LIbriVox recordings are in the public domain. For more information, or to volunteer, please visit: LibriVox.org.

Image credit:
CD cover for Rhymes of Childhood by Edgar A. Guest, designed by TriciaG, illustration by Abbott Handerson Thayer, Public domain

2 responses to “Rhymes of Childhood, by Edgar A. Guest”

  1. Judith Ann Henry Avatar
    Judith Ann Henry

    Thank you so much and Blessed Morning to you Grace…. i was actually able to listen…..and i have to say hearing your voice is the gift….. i love Company for Tea…….what a delight…..these are the times i am very grateful for technology…..

    Have you moved yet? probably not since Winter may still be present…..we are emerging into more sun and warmth….and the first shoots of the Wildflowers are curling up around the rocks….we smile more these days….

    Sending you much much love and prayers for ease of transitions in these next months,

    Ever, me and all the clans



    Peace be with YOU !




    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dear Sweet Judith! Thank you for sharing your blessings so widely.

    Thank you for listening to me while drinking your tea. I’m glad I was there with you. Is there anything I can do to make my recordings more accessible for you? I really like to know that I’m there keeping you company. I have more publications coming up that I think you’ll enjoy, too, especially 3 Willa Cather poems and Zadig by Voltaire.

    No, I haven’t moved. We’re waiting until we find the right house in the right place. We found several houses that we considered placing offers on, but are glad that we didn’t. We continue to enjoy much about where we are. Moving will be too scary until we find the right place.

    Our Spring is a couple weeks early. The last patch of snow that usually hangs on until mid April was gone this morning. The forecast holds at least a few more days of mild weather. Each season has its beauty. Each storm is fun to be in while we’re safe and warm.

    Sending much love to you,


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