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My diverse career experiences (each of which I had hoped would last a lifetime) were manifestations of my intense interests and aptitudes beyond my entry-level jobs: a weaving studio manager, costume designer, stage manager, resort manager, beekeeper, retail store manager, fiber artist, rehabilitation aide, career counselor, AT&T customer relations manager, and financial advisor These experiences give me understanding of diverse storylines and characters as I express your books.

Research is my sea of treasures.
It’s the threads of the fabrics and stories that I weave.
Share your thoughts, to weave the fabric of this blog.
Weaver Grace portrait

You can contact me personally:
Thank you for contacting me 🙂

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My most popular posts:
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8 thoughts on “Contact Me

    1. Thanks Stephanie for spreading the word about my blog. Fortunately I am web-savvy enough so that when you give the Cluttered Attic this page, I was able to replace it instantly.

      Fortunately he followed your breadcrumbs before others birdies ate them. I have the oven preheated in anticipation.

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  1. Hi Grace, first let me state, Stephanie sent me (at least you’ll know who to blame later), hope she didn’t stick you with the postage. She felt I would find your blog engaging, and vice-verse. After reading your “About Page” I fear you are quite the accomplished individual, and that reading any post of mine will leave you in danger of sustaining a lower IQ. Yet, if you are a risk taker than I know I stand to be the beneficiary. So may I say, “it is a pleasure to meet you Grace, and to read your blog. ;O)

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  2. You can be sure that Stephanie and I will be haggling over the bill for you. She sent you C.O.D., you know. I might have to return you if you can’t earn your keep.

    If your blog lowers my IQ,then perhaps you will have mercy on my EQ as I CQ.

    Liked by 1 person

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