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Grace Buchanan thrived in careers as diverse as designing costumes, and preparing income tax returns for (legal) alien students. After she earned her B.S. magna cum laude, she continued her education with additional college courses to study subjects from neurological plasticity to computational arts. She also weaves (on looms as well as with words) and gardens (organic: landscaping and food) along the northern edge of New York State.

Research is my sea of treasures.
It’s the threads of the fabrics and stories that I weave.
Share your thoughts, to weave the fabric of this blog.
Weaver Grace portrait

You can contact me personally:
Thank you for contacting me 🙂

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My most popular posts:
Bipolar Snowballs reveal who we are
“Bipolar Snowballs” Reveal who we are “He Dresses, She Slacks” Transgender & sex roles

8 thoughts on “Contact Me

    1. Thanks Stephanie for spreading the word about my blog. Fortunately I am web-savvy enough so that when you give the Cluttered Attic this page, I was able to replace it instantly.

      Fortunately he followed your breadcrumbs before others birdies ate them. I have the oven preheated in anticipation.

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  1. Hi Grace, first let me state, Stephanie sent me (at least you’ll know who to blame later), hope she didn’t stick you with the postage. She felt I would find your blog engaging, and vice-verse. After reading your “About Page” I fear you are quite the accomplished individual, and that reading any post of mine will leave you in danger of sustaining a lower IQ. Yet, if you are a risk taker than I know I stand to be the beneficiary. So may I say, “it is a pleasure to meet you Grace, and to read your blog. ;O)

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  2. You can be sure that Stephanie and I will be haggling over the bill for you. She sent you C.O.D., you know. I might have to return you if you can’t earn your keep.

    If your blog lowers my IQ,then perhaps you will have mercy on my EQ as I CQ.

    Liked by 1 person

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