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April Twilights And Other Poems, by Willa Cather

April Twilights and Other Poems, by Willa Cather
April Twilights And Other Poems, by Willa Cather

Such a beautiful collection of Willa Cather’s poems. I enjoy how she expresses the appearance of landscapes and the feelings of difficult emotions.

This was one of her several efforts to publish these poems. First, she submitted many of them to magazines. Then she published some in her first book in 1903, which she titled simply, “April Twilights”. This 1923 collection was the second edition. She followed it with a third edition ten years later*.

I had the honor of performing the first poem “Grandmither, Think Not I Forget”, which I understand was one of her favorites. She wrote the finished verse in her first draft; she never saw any need to edit it*.

Grandmither, Think Not I Forget“, performed for you by Grace Buchanan.

Read the entire book “April Twilights And Other Poems” at Project Gutenberg.

Listen to all the work that I’ve done for LibriVox.

Listen to the entire book “April Twilights And Other Poems” at LibriVox. I read:
Track 1 “Grandmither, Think Not I Forget”
Track  2 “Fides, Spes”
Track  4 “The Hawthorn Tree”
Track 11 “Evening Song”

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Image credit:
Illustration “Twilight“, by Anna Sophia Towne Darrah via Wikimedia Commons. CD cover design by Tomas Peter for LibriVox, Public Domain.