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Anne of Green Gables, Chapter One, by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Mrs. Rachel Is Surprised, from Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maude Montgomery
Mrs. Rachel Lynde Is Surprised, from Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maude Montgomery

One of my blog’s followers (Patti of Wednesdays child) asked me to record this chapter and share it here. I recall that this title was a popular book, movie and TV show, but I wasn’t familiar with the story and characters at all. Patti said that her Mom gave it to her when she was a girl, and told her that she HAD to read it because Anne was just like her. She recalls that it was “the very first book that made me cry.” Since then, she read children’s stories for her local CBC radio station for about 10 years as a volunteer for a local literacy group. An excerpt from Anne of Green Gables was her first reading for them.

Thank you Patti for introducing me to this book. I had a great time becoming acquainted with Mrs. Rachel and Marilla.

I noticed that Mrs. Rachel symbolically and literally puts herself in the sunshine, while Marilla screens herself from it. Mrs. Rachel looks about to see what her neighbors are up to. She expresses her opinion, and spreads any news; while Marilla is reclusive, perhaps as a screen against feeling overwhelmingly influenced by others. However, both women are described as being excellent housekeepers, attentive to their environments, indoors and out, so they both apparently have ample light to see what’s important to them.

Anne of Green Gables, Chapter 1. Read by Grace Buchanan, for LibriVox.
This chapter was included in the LibriVox First Chapter Collection 6. It is the first track.

Read the entire book “Anne of Green Gables” at Project Gutenberg.

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Let me know if you would like me to record a short story, poem, or the first chapter of a book for you.

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Indigenous Peoples Day

Losing the ability to use much of my brain off-and-on for the past several years was a blessing in disguise — when I’m thinking positively. I’m connecting more closely with what’s important to me, like being here with you.

You might recall my blog post about Thanksgiving Days. You’re finding me celebrating Columbus Day now as Indigenous Peoples Day and producing a chapter of an audiobook. You can find it at SoundCloud.

It’s a mini biography of Alice C. Fletcher from a collection at Project Gutenberg titled Heroines of Service by Mary Rosetta Parkman, and recorded for LibriVox.org. Miss Fletcher attempted to overpower the Europeans who were harrassing Indians away from valuable lands in the U.S.

What do you think of her solution? Do you know of any other ideas?

Image credits:
Portrait of Alice C. Fletcher from Popular Science Monthly Volume 43 via Wikimedia Commons. This work is in the public domain.

Listen to the entire book at Internet Archive. My reading is Chapter 8, Track 9.

Burning A Bristly Relationship

I watered the bush each day
that I had water.
I shone all the light on it
that I found in me,
and said, “See how well it grows!”

Our relationship grew thorns that tangled in the arid heat,
and resilient prickers in the rain of my tears.
It shadowed my heart.
Its roots plugged my veins,
and died at midnight.

Its skeleton in me:
tinder flared
fire flashed.
Recovery blew away ash.
I see a world beyond.

Burning Relationship
Image credits:
Burning Brush, by Grace Buchanan. Composition elements:
Flames and Brush, by Michael Pollak. Used under Creative Commons License BY-2.0.
Apfelbaum in Alberschwende, by böhringer friedrich. Used under Creative Commons License BY-SA 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons.

Happy Mental Health Month!

May is Mental Health month here. I am practicing dealing with my anger:

  • Don’t tell anyone what to do
  • Get in touch with what I am feeling and what I’m wanting
  • Tell someone how I’m feeling
  • Focus on what I can do to get what I want