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Boys And Girls, by James W. Foley

Boys And Girls
Boys And Girls, by James W. Foley

Many of these 114 poems were written from children’s points of view. I especially enjoyed reading “Old Hallowe’en Friends”. The poem is spoken by a spunky young girl who talks herself out of being frightened by a Jack ‘O Lantern.

I performed for you:
Track #96 Old Hallowe’en Friends
Track #99 Verses of a Little Child. Reading this one broke my heart
Track #110 To Children at the Hearth. I had my own children in mind, speaking to one at a time for each section

Listen to the entire collection of poems at Internet Archive.

Listen to the entire collection of poems at LibriVox.

Read the entire book “Boys And Girls” at Project Gutenberg.

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Image credit:
Illustration “Song Of Summer Days” from the frontispiece for “Boys And Girls“. CD cover design by Annise for LibriVox, Public Domain.