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Imaginary Friends Become Real

Adults Have Imaginary Friends Too

The friendly ghosts and strangers we love devotedly though they don’t know us.
Published on November 11, 2013 by Dr. Jeremy Sherman in Psychology Today: Ambigamy

The above article from Psychology Today got me thinking.

Like his quote from Machiavelli, I find it wonderful to be able to summon the greatest thinkers and masters of all time, at their greatest moments, to give me their undivided attention. Likewise, when I write fiction, I summon people who never existed, and coax them to tell me their life stories.

I question whether any people grow us in the wrong direction. Sure in the short-run, we regret certain influences, but in the long-run, I see such journeys as being instructive as they form our character, giving us compassion and humility, and helping us identify who we are.

Each teaches us more about ourselves, even when we don’t like how we learned it.

For example, I am learning that unappetizing feedback can be as valuable as friendly feedback; they both reveal my beliefs about what I did. Likewise, when we are around “bad” influences, perhaps they are just reflecting our beliefs back to us until we outgrow those beliefs.

I am also thinking about some of  my sources of inspiration that my brain perceives without my ears and eyes. These are voices that I hear that my eardrums don’t respond to and visions that I see that my retinas don’t respond to, but these other voices and visions are as real as what my eardrums and retinas perceive, and become as real when I have done my work. My work makes my imaginary friends real.


What Was Old is New Again

I am honored to be invited to participate in the Window Challenge:

 Art Association of Oswego

“The Art Association of Oswego announces the opening of an exhibition…at the Oswego Civic Arts Center, and will open with a reception from 7-9 pm on Saturday, August 31.
The Art Association will be displaying the results of the “Window Challenge” in the Jo Hyse Gallery on the first floor. The challenge was for artists to take home a six-pane window (an original Art Center window that was replaced during renovation) and turn it into a work of art.
As always, this event is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be served.
Visit the AAO website at

source: http://www.oswegoarts.org/category/gallery-exhibit/

My window began as a work of art, in a way:

 window art
Over the years, people slopped paint and glazing in a way that tempted me to keep them, but I continued with my brainstorming to get to my theme: a list of what I salvaged, and what I bought new for the project

I scraped the window as much as I reasonably could without further damaging the wood and panes. Then it became the door of a display case for some fabric that I wove, complete with a window latch:

 the finished weaving cabinet

The other artists had impressive ideas: replacing the panes with mirrors and 3D sculptures, using paints on the panes, and leaving the wood in its original paint.

The windows will be on display through September.