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Indigenous Peoples Day

Losing the ability to use much of my brain off-and-on for the past several years was a blessing in disguise — when I’m thinking positively. I’m connecting more closely with what’s important to me, like being here with you.

You might recall my blog post about Thanksgiving Days. You’re finding me celebrating Columbus Day now as Indigenous Peoples Day and producing a chapter of an audiobook. You can find it at SoundCloud.

It’s a mini biography of Alice C. Fletcher from a collection at Project Gutenberg titled Heroines of Service by Mary Rosetta Parkman, and recorded for LibriVox.org. Miss Fletcher attempted to overpower the Europeans who were harrassing Indians away from valuable lands in the U.S.

What do you think of her solution? Do you know of any other ideas?

Image credits:
Portrait of Alice C. Fletcher from Popular Science Monthly Volume 43 via Wikimedia Commons. This work is in the public domain.

Listen to the entire book at Internet Archive. My reading is Chapter 8, Track 9.

9 responses to “Indigenous Peoples Day”

  1. Judith Ann Henry Avatar
    Judith Ann Henry

    Oh sweet Grace , what a treat to receive this fullness of your blog and discussions. It will take a while of perusing and ambling and then I know Repeating….I think of you so much…especially in Autumn and always send love and songs for Healing and Gratitude for all that you share…..

    ….and I finally got to see some of your Weavings…..so beautiful.

    I am in celebration for this Autumn…..the Summer was too long and hot and our usual savior August just melted and finally in September some rains and cooling……got my wood supply started for the Winter this week and ready to just relax a little and read in the afternoons….I scurried all Summer just to keep moi and the animals cool and the plants from burning.

    So thank you again for this Fullness…. I hope to enter some of your discussions over the months…..

    Much Much love dear Heart,

    Ever me and all the Clans 💚💜💖❤


    Peace be with YOU !




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  2. My dear Judith, your farm photo is stunning! Thanks for sharing its brightness. So cheery!

    Thanks also for stopping by and enjoying my efforts. I’d love to know about any efforts that you’ve seen where you are, in attempt to protect Indians’ access to valuable land.


  3. Hi, Grace! Is this going to you?I’m trying to figure out the best way to use your story.What are you doing these days?

    Jerry Jerry Mintz, Director Alternative Education Resource Organization jerryaero@aol.com http://www.educationrevolution.org 417 Roslyn Rd Roslyn Hts, NY 11577 516 621 2195 Online School Starters Course begins September 23rd

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    1. Hi Jerry! I’m glad to see you here.Great to see you continuing to promote effective, humane education. I’ll respond to you directly by email to discuss ways to support each other’s efforts.


  4. Hey Grace, thank you so much for stopping past BBB. I can’t tell you how good it is to reconnect with you. Your writing always made me think and it’s not changed. Thank you for sharing this post and for the links. ~Steph

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    1. Steph, your writing inspires me, too, you know. Great to see you continuing to be going strong!

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  5. Hi Grace, You have no idea how excited I am to see a post from you and hopefully reconnect. I’ve been away too long and am feeling my way back to writing.
    I started reading about Alice Fletcher but have to confess, I’ve still a way to go. I will read more when I get back from an appointment. From the bit that I read, she sounds a wonderful, thoughtful and caring person and also a lady of action.
    I’m thrilled we’re reconnecting. Bless you Grace. 🌹

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    1. Wendy! Thanks for stopping by! I’m sorry that I haven’t gotten to your blog yet. I’ve missed you, too! So glad that you’re back as well!

      Like you, I was impressed with Miss Fletcher’s thoughtfulness and care, but I wonder about the effects of her solution to the problem. Like her, I’m used to the idea of private ownership of land, but I love the idea of it being a shared resource, like air and water. Indians must have had arguments about who could do what where before Europeans came and pushed the idea that land could be owned.


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