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Weaving Thoughts Together

Stimulating Discussions Solve Problems

Let’s think about issues
from points of view that we hadn’t considered.

Let’s connect with people
who share and respectfully challenge our ideas.


arrows indicating different perspectives


Weaving Thoughts Together

Share your thoughts, to weave the fabric of this blog.
It is vivid with color, alive with chatter, and protective of all.

Who is Grace Buchanan?

My earliest and favorite memory of my mother is from when I was beginning nursery school. I sat on her lap while she read rebus books with me.

Rebus Story
A page from a book with rebus pictures for young children to “read”.

I jumped with enthusiasm as I dramatically read each picture. I continued to read out loud in my bedroom to my toys, mimicking the extravagant performances of entertainers whom I especially enjoyed when I went to many shows in and around New York City. As I grew older, I read to all the kids I knew, including my own. Now I love expressing that energy when I’m performing audiobooks for you in my sound booth.


Image credits:
Points of View by Grace Buchanan.
A page of rebus pictures from We Love Our School!  

20 responses to “Weaving Thoughts Together”

  1. Lovely idea. Handwoven is great, mind-woven is, though invisible, longer lasting and has great reach…
    The peripheries are the new centre! If one weaves, one starts at the edges and makes ones way to the other side 🙂

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    1. I often have a love-hate relationship with the part of me that weaves in tangible ways. Art is frivolous, no? On the other hand, art expresses and feeds souls.

      I like the weaving metaphors you are playing with.

      Peace to you, too, my dear.


      1. Art frivolous? No, never. It’s how we express the unspoken nuances of the human soul. It is a vital aspect of our humanness, and sometimes the only way to express truth, see truth, experience truth. If scientists are the minds of a society, then the artists are the soul. No? 🙂

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        1. Jessica, your Big Mother story reinforces your claims. Thank you for being so artistic.

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  2. Entwining posts with threads of thought and spinning our collective yarns creates material that looms so loosely based and tightly wound, we’d have to knit our brows together just to untangle the beginning of the meaning between the spaces within the words and the gaps and silences which permeate the lines of language, which is exactly where my mind prefers to dwell until the chapters of our lives are saturated together.

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    1. Whooo Hooo! You go girl! I like your way with words!


    2. And that is why I am in awe of you! 🙂


      1. You are the kindest. Thank you.


  3. we knit infinity with our fingers
    and colour our cloth with our words. . .

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    1. I look forward to your knitting and coloring here. I am glad that you stopped by, Jode; I am enjoying getting entangled in your artwork.


      1. I’m glad that the threads lead me to you.
        The pleasure is mine 🙂


  4. Congratulations Weavergrace!! You are one of the winners for your Selfie Submission in the Blogcademy Awards contest! Please write to me so that we might figure out how to get movie tix (or the equivalent) to you!


    1. You sweetheart. Blogcademy Awards was a great post.

      I want mine delivered in person 🙂 Publishers Clearing House style.


      1. Demanding little thing, aren’t you!!


  5. Love this! From getting to know you slightly more from speaking via wordpress I can see that this page represents you perfectly 🙂 Love that it is your Me page

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  6. I love the central theme of your blog, weaving. Wonderful concept, reminds me of the lovely hanging nest we recently saw in Mismaloya. Working together is an art.


    1. Thank you very much for stopping by, and letting me know that you were here.

      I am having a great time strolling through your poetry. Marvelous!

      I would like to be able to picture the hanging nest. Please tell me more 🙂


  7. Hi. I know you haven’t written here for a little while, but I wanted to let you know about a blogging event that I’m having in November, on Walking with Intention. If you have time or interest in adding a guest post to the even I’d love to have you. You can find the full info here: http://theseekersdungeon.com/30-days-of-walkingwithintention/

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    1. Thank you so much for notifying me. I feel honored that you reached out to me. I look forward to seeing what you pull together.

      I write in my head daily, and look forward to when my internal seasons change so I can share them here again.

      Thank you for the advanced notice. I’ll see what I can do.

      Liked by 1 person

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